Frequently asked questions

How far in advance do I need to place my order

There are only so many weekends in a wedding season, so it is always a good idea to book as soon as you have your wedding date. Our most popular dates can book out a year in advance. We will do the best to accommodate your booking, but as soon as you know your wedding date, we suggest you put in your deposit to secure a spot. Celebrations would be treated the same, we do not overbook just to make money. We treat every customer with the same love and respect while making sure that we deliver their entire dream and expectations.

What flavors do you have?

We have over 20 flavors of cake and filling options. We have spent many hours perfecting our recipes to maximize flavor and texture and are adding new flavors all of the time! Please see our complete list of flavors under each categories.

What are your prices?

Our pricing depends on each individual cake. In general, our price for buttercream starts at $4.00 a serving, and fondant is $4.50 a serving. These prices are based on basic cake design and will increase if there is a lot of Detail involved. Gourmet prices will be an extra .50 a serving for buttercream/fondant. Standard Cupcakes $2.00/dozen Gourmet Cupcakes $3.00/dozen. Chocolate covered please see the price list (preztles,oreo cookies, strawberries)

When do you deliver my cake or treats?

We will deliver your wedding cake, cupcakes or treats to your event as close to your event as possible. It is our goal to have your cake set-up and ready for you to enjoy it at your reception or event. We can make acceptations, but generally prefer to bring your cake as close to the time it will be served as possible.

Do we recommend fondant or buttercream?

We know that everyone's individual design of cake will vary. Our buttercream and fondant both have very pleasing tastes and textures. We do recommend a fondant covered cake in the hotter months because it is more stable than a buttercream frosted cake. Our fondant cakes have a layer of buttercream underneath the fondant. Below are some facts about both. Fondant: Gives that 'flawless' look, holds up well in heat, tastes like buttercream and has a smooth texture, can come in any color, can be painted on Buttercream: easy to cut into, can be textured, can be colored any color, can be smoothed to look much like fondant.

Do you make dummy cakes or cakes to cut down the cost?

We can make a separate cake that can be cut and served from the kitchen, but the price is the same because we put the same ingredients and effort into all of our cakes.